Setting up a live stream to Facebook from your computer is easier than you think, all it takes is a little time and patience.

Step 1 – Get a copy of OBS Studio.  It’s a nice little feature-rich application that can be downloaded for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Step 2 – Configure OBS (You’ll get the Key as soon as you click Create Live Stream button)

Click this button to get started, it will enable you to stream from your personal profile instead of requiring a Page!


Choose where to share this live video stream, I prefer to use my personal profile since I can set the privacy.


Use the Stream Key provided in your broadcasting software.  Copy the Stream Key into your clipboard so you can paste it into OBS later.

In OBS go to Settings and then click Stream.  Change the service to Facebook Live and paste your Stream Key in.  This should be all you need.  If you are using an older (Classic) version of OBS you will also need the URL and use the Custom Streaming Server setting.

When you click Start Streaming you’ll see your preview go live, and then you can click Go Live and boom.  You’re streaming.

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