If you are using a modern flat screen television in your bedroom or anywhere in the home really chances are your television has an HDMI input and can be turned into a full featured media center with this easy addition.  Set up was very easy with the included VESA mounting hardware that comes with the [bigcommerce link=”magic-box-pico-station” target=”_blank”]Magic Box Pico[/bigcommerce].  Four small screws and a mounting plate later, we’re attached to the back of the TV and ready to go!

2013-07-13 18.21.50

Our evaluation unit came with Windows 8 with 4GB of Corsair memory and a Crucial M4 mSATA 64GB Solid State Drive.  Dual Band 2.4 / 5GHz Wifi provided by the Intel Centrino 6235 mPCIe card ensures that we get rock solid connectivity anywhere and Bluetooth 4.0 allows us to connect a wide variety of wireless devices.  We attached a Logitech Unifying wireless keyboard/touch pad mouse combo and found that it tends to work perfectly in the living room or bedroom space because it’s small and light weight and easy to store when not in use.

 Once set up and connected to the wireless network we were able to effortlessly play music and videos from other networked devices such as a Linksys Wireless router, another Windows 8 Pro HTPC (Home Theater PC), as well as a wireless Ultrabook with shared video content.  Because we’re using Windows we also enjoy all the benefits that go along with having a full PC at our disposal.  Things such as a quick look up of something online, or a YouTube video are moments away.

We’re very excited about this new technology and especially impressed with the size and portability of such a device.  It’s no longer necessary to have a large device hidden behind a cabinet or under a shelf to power your HTPC.  Simply attach the [bigcommerce link=”magic-box-pico-station” target=”_blank”]Magic Box Pico[/bigcommerce] to your existing TV and go 🙂

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