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Just a few of our specialties

With a strong background in computer hardware since the early days of the IBM PCjr we have an insatiable thirst for new technology here.  Computer repair is not the only service that we provide.  We specialize in on-site support for the Small Business owner who does not have the time or patience to either do the work themselves or hire an employee to do it.  Most business do not need a full time or even part time position to handle IT needs.  Magic Box Solutions is an Intel Gold Partner which brings many advantages to the table when dealing with us.  On most of our systems we can provide a three year warranty covering every component in the box at no additional charge to the client.

Only the best will do

When we build computers, only the highest quality components work for us.  That is why we choose Intel products exclusively for our products.  Built on solid boards like the Intel DB75EN Executive Series using at least Intel 3rd Generation Core i3 processors and Intel 330 Series Solid State drives, we are able to guaranty stability and long life in our systems.

Call on us

Phone calls are always free, and initial consultations are paid for by us as well.  We want new clients to feel at ease when dealing with us the first day, not worried about how much they are going to have to spend just to get an opinion.

Give us a call, our number is on every page.

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