Pack all of the functionality of the Microsoft Touch Mouse into a tiny solution with Bluetooth connectivity and then cut that in half and you get this tiny mouse with powerful features.

Model: Wedge Touch
Connectivity: Bluetooth
Color: Black & Silver
MSRP: $69.96



Having seen alternative definitions of a “touch wedge” I had no idea what to expect when I picked this guy up.  Honestly I expected something larger and was surprised at the ultra-compact size of it.  It comes neatly packaged in a small square box and includes one AA battery which pops in after opening the secret hatch on the side.  Although it is not stated specifically on the packaging, it should be mentioned that there is no USB receiver included in this package.



The packaging is very straightforward.  The box opens like a giant clam shell as if you are opening a diamond engagement ring.  Inside without much fan fair is the mouse.  Some written materials are neatly tucked underneath the cardboard square that the mouse sits in.  Over all, the presentation is very simple and elegant.


Look and Feel

Shaped like a little cheese wedge, the mouse itself is slightly too small (measuring in at 1.1 by 2.3 by 2.0 inches HWD) for my hands for day to day use but perfect for when I am on the go.  I was hoping for something that I could actually pinch and zoom with to take advantage of some of the new Windows 8 gestures but the four way scrolling ability works well enough to get the job done.



Pairing the device was very easy.  Open your Bluetooth connection manager and search for the device and away you go.  Microsoft’s BlueTrack technology which is used in other Microsoft mice does an excellent job of tracking the Wedge.  Actually using the mouse is a little bit tricky because as you are moving the cursor around like you would normally do there is a chance that your fingers will move a little bit which causes some awkward scrolling to happen at the same time as you are moving the mouse.  If you are used to using a mouse wheel for scrolling then the concept is not much different here, you flick your finger across the surface upwards or downwards and the scrolling effect happens as usual.  The Wedge Touch supports inertial scrolling as well so it will work intuitively based on how hard or soft you flick.



If you are looking for a fancy looking companion mouse for your notebook and you happen to have Windows 8 you will certainly enjoy the benefits of having the Touch Wedge mouse.  Using the mouse in day to day applications proved to be relatively straight forward.



  • Compact & Stylish design
  • Single battery
  • Bluetooth
  • 4 Way Touch



  • Slightly Expensive
  • No multi touch support


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