Today we review the Artisan HAYATE, a gaming enthusiast performance mouse pad. If you are looking for something to make your gaming buddies jealous this mouse pad will do it for you. We are going to take a look at the medium size black pad.

Model: HY-SF-BK-M |  Surface: Polyester | Size: M / 31.5×24.5×4 cm | Color: Black | Hardness: Hard



Artisan is a premier manufacturer of mouse pads that are aimed at the performance gaming market, or “e-sports” market.  Based in Tokyo Japan and made in Japan, these are not your typical mouse pad guys.  Having owned both an Artisan HIEN and an Artisan HAYATE I have become familiar with what some of the quality differences between this type of product and the average mouse pad you would find at a trade show give away booth or even off the shelf.



The packaging is very straightforward.  Tucked inside, the packaging for the mouse pad is black and white with a brush painting of a samauri as a backdrop to the actual verbage on the front.  Specifications are easy to read and in English, while there is plenty of Japanese Kana on the package as well.  Inside this large thin cardboard envelope is the mouse pad.


Look and Feel

The pad itself is a pleasure to hold.  I was surprised at how flexible it actually is, but when placed on a flat surface it seems to grip very well and does not move or scoot around underneath your hand while you are working or gaming.  The three layer design is put together well, and the polyster surface feels pleasant to the touch as you glide.



I use this mouse pad every day with my laptop and a small optical mouse. It gives enough glide to move freely but when you need to stop on that pixel or whip the mouse to strafe or turn around to get your enemy down in your favorite FPS you will appreciate how well the mouse responds to your movements.  I had no problem at 800 and 1000 DPI keeping control of the pointer.



If you are looking for a quality product, strongly consider the Artisan line of mouse pads.  The HAYATE among their other brands will not leave you feeling disappointed.  I still use an Artisan pad from over two years ago and the performance and quality of the pad is like it was the day I bought it.


Pros and Cons

The quality is excellent and the design of the product is simple and you will not feel disappointed.  Cleaning may prove more difficult on a soft surface than hard style pads that are plastic.

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